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The loss of tooth, whether it be full or partial, affects a person’s self-image because of the change in a person’s appearance; it also affects the way a person speaks, bites, and chews, and even increases the risk of developing nutritional problems and health disorders. Just a good thing there is a method tested for treating this kind of condition: Removable Dentures.


Removable denture is an effective and reliable way for replacing missing teeth and surrounding tissues. This is intended for patients who cannot have a bridge (fixed dentures) and who prefer to remove it and reinsert without professional help. It consists of gum colored base made of plastic resin where the replacement teeth is attached to. It is made to fit over the remaining alveolar (bone) ridge that formerly held the teeth. It is important that your dentures fit properly so as to allow functions such as talking and eating to occur naturally. The best option on the type of dentures to be used will depend on your individual situation.


REMOVABLE PARTIAL DENTURES are used when there are still some teeth that remain in the upper or lower jaw. It usually consists of the replacement teeth attached to the plastic base, which is connected by a metal framework and clasps that hold the denture in the mouth, or in some cases, other types of connectors that are more natural looking. Sometimes, your dentist may recommend the use of crown to improve the fit of removable partial dentures

REMOVABLE FULL DENTURES are used when the patient has lost all or most of their teeth. It usually consists of a full set of replacement teeth in a dental arch. Before the installation of the removable full dentures, all of the remaining natural teeth will have to be removed. It also takes a lot of practice to be finally comfortable wearing them but removable full dentures are most of the time a very practical option for restoring functions and appearance after a complete tooth loss. This alternative is also significantly more affordable for restoring function and well-being.

It is normal to feel awkward and bulky in the beginning with your new removable denture. You will eventually get used to wearing it. It may even take some time to be able to talk and eat normally but once you get used to it, eating should become a more pleasant experience. You have to start out eating some soft foods that are cut into small piece and try to avoid sticky or hard food types at first. Inserting and removing the dentures will also require some practice and it is recommended to take it out of your mouth before going to bed and replace it in the morning. Over time, you will get accustomed to speaking properly and eating naturally with your removable dentures.

When you feel like your dentures no longer fit properly, they should be adjusted by your dentist. Poorly adjusted dentures can cause certain problems such as sores and infections. Regular visits to the dentists are to be maintained as adjusting it may be necessary.


  • Use a dental cleaner recommended by your dentist instead of using a regular toothpaste as it may be too harsh for cleaning dentures.
  • Make it a daily habit to brush your dentures every day to remove food deposits and plaque. It will also prevent your denture from becoming permanently stained.
  • Use a brush designed for cleaning dentures, although soft bristled toothbrush is also acceptable. Just do not use the hard bristled ones as they may cause damage to your dentures.
  • Keep your denturemoist by placing it in soaking solution or water at night in order to maintain its proper shape.


  • If you find that your denture no longer fit well, you can immediately have it re-lined by your dentist. Your mouth naturally changes as you age, and bone and gum ridges can shrink or recede, so adjusting your dentures may really be necessary.
  • Call your dentist immediately if your denture breaks, cracks, or chips instead of trying to repair or adjust it on your own as you can do serious harm to your denture. Most of the time, your dentist can just make necessary repair unless your denture requires complicated repair in a dental laboratory.

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