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Children's Dentistry including Sealants and Fluoride Treatments

Here at LifeSmiles Dentistry, the oral health of your children is very important to us and teaching them good oral hygiene is important to maintain their health. Practicing good oral hygiene from an early years can help prevent the formation of cavities and kept your children’s teeth protected from decay. Our dentists here try to educate parents and children in forming good habits to maintain strong teeth and good dental health.

It is important to us to help protect your children’s baby teeth until they are naturally lost, as these teeth help your child learn to eat and speak properly. At LifeSmiles Dentistry we have the best treatments available for your children such as sealants and fluoride treatments to help protect their teeth as they develop. These treatments help fight off bacteria and plaque that can cause several issues such as cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, etc.

Dental sealants are an effective and inexpensive approach to ensure your child’s teeth are protected from cavities and tooth decay. Especially with the back teeth, which are harder to keep clean, sealants can ensure that food and plaque don’t build up and cause infections or cavities. Here at LifeSmiles Dentistry, our dentists and dental hygienists apply a coat of clear plastic resin to the enamel of the teeth especially the chewing surfaces to create a protection and seal the teeth from bacteria and plaque. Sealants can be reapplied every few years if more protection is needed.

During your dental check-up your dentist here at LifeSmiles Dentistry will check if sealants are needed and discuss with you the best treatment options for your children.

At LifeSmiles Dentistry, your oral health and beautiful smile is our main priority. We strive to provide the best dental care possible in a relaxed and friendly environment to the people of Lafayette, Indiana. Call us today for an appointment or to ask about our services.

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