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Dentures, Partials, Repairs and Relines

A denture is a dental gear that is used to replace missing teeth and gums. The dentures can be removed and can also be complete or partial depending on the number of teeth that need replacement. The dentures are made to restore functionality and aesthetics to your smile by making them look as close as your natural teeth.

Partial and complete dentures are the two types of dentures available to return the beauty to your smile. Partial dentures are used to replace missing teeth and avoid that the surrounding teeth start shifting due to the space left by the missing tooth. Complete dentures are needed when all your teeth are missing to restore your ability to eat, speak, etc. Dentures are made with materials that make them light, durable and easy to adjust to while still giving you complete functionality and support. Dentures last long but because of wear and other changes in your mouth it may have to be adjusted or remade to give you the best fit.

You may need a denture if you have lost all or several teeth, it can also help enhance your smile and support facial tissues which will improve chewing and speech abilities.

What is the process of getting a denture?

To get a denture it requires several appointments with your dentist to ensure your device is best fitted to you. First, molds or impressions have to be made to take very accurate measurements in order to provide you with a custom-made denture. Once the fit, shape and color of the denture has been best matched to fit your smile you will have full functionality and a beautiful smile.

During the adjustment period you might experience some symptoms like: soreness, increased salivation, and difficulty speaking or chewing until your mouth and muscles can get accustomed to your new dentures.

Your dentist will give you care instructions to best treat your new dentures as well as the hygiene habits you need in order to preserve your dentures and have good oral health. Proper cleaning of your dentures is essential to prevent an infection or other issues and regular visits to your dentist will ensure that the treatment is working for you.

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