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Digital, state-of-the-art X-Rays

When you go to your dentist for the first time or for any kind of treatment, your dentist will need all the available information that your mouth can provide in order to perform the best evaluation and come up with the most effective and efficient treatment for you. X-rays can provide your dentist with the information necessary to personalise your treatment to produce the best results that not only enhance and restore your smile but also solve any dental issues you have.

During a regular dental exam your dentist might not be able to detect or gather complete information. Doctors use different tools to allow them to gather more information to be able to provide a more complete diagnosis. Dentists use dental X-rays as a diagnostic tool because it allows them to see a more detailed view of your mouth and how your teeth and bone are arranged. These images also allow your dentist to detect any future problems and take preventive action before any dental issues arise. X-rays are valuable tools because they allow your doctor to form a more effective treatment for your needs.

Dental X-rays can help detect many issues such as:

  • Misalignment of roots and teeth
  • Dental tumors
  • Abscesses
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Jaw bone and soft tissue (gums) issues
  • Bone loss

At LifeSmiles Dentistry in Lafayette, Indiana, our dentist utilise digital X-rays as a faster, safer and more comfortable way to take the images they need to make the best treatment for your dental needs.

Digital X-rays are a more modern way to take dental images. Digital X-rays uses electronic sensors to capture the image of your mouth and teeth digitally instead of having to develop an X-ray film. Another advantage of digital images is that the image is available immediately and it’s easier to review in the computer. Also, digital X-rays are safer than traditional X-rays because they use less radiation, and it is faster and more comfortable for you to have them taken.

Our dentists always order dental X-rays for all new patients so our doctors can have all the information available when creating a treatment plan and diagnosing a new patient. Children and teenagers need new dental X-rays twice a year to keep track of their dental development and be able to detect any issues as their teeth continue to grow. For adults, dental images are needed when starting a new treatment and the every few years to make sure there are no issues.

At LifeSmiles Dentistry, your oral health and beautiful smile is our main priority. We strive to provide the best dental care possible in a relaxed and friendly environment to the people of West Lafayette, Indiana. Call us today for an appointment or to ask about our services.

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