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Soft Tissue Management (Gum Treatments)

When people think about dental health most usually focus on your teeth however, the soft tissue that surrounds your teeth, or gums are equally important because if infected or damaged it could lead to loss of your teeth.

Here at LifeSmiles Dentistry, our dentists offer a soft tissue management program to maintain your gums healthy and therefore protect your teeth. The goal of any soft tissue management program is to protect the gums from infection and make sure the tissue is positioned correctly around the teeth.

What does soft tissue management involve?

  • Removing plaque build-up
  • Treat inflammation
  • Minimize gum pocket depths

These treatments are performed by our dentists here at LifeSmiles Dentistry using a scaler to remove all plaque and food build-ups, followed by scaling and root planning. The treatment ends with a medicated irrigation to ensure your gums are thoroughly cleaned and the infection has been treated or prevented. This treatment will help restore your gums to a healthy state and prevent infections that can lead to periodontal disease. However, if the infection has been left untreated, you may need periodontal surgery in order to stop the infection and save your soft tissue and your teeth. Our dentists here will evaluate your condition and propose the treatment options that are more effective for your case.

If you are interested in having a soft tissue management treatment, our dentists at LifeSmiles Dentistry are here to help! Call our office today and make an appointment for an evaluation.

At LifeSmiles Dentistry, your oral health and beautiful smile is our main priority. We strive to provide the best dental care possible in a relaxed and friendly environment to the people of Lafayette, Indiana.

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